Why I'm Giving away 100 Books

Over the past 10 years, I've read over 1000 books that have given me an education that kicked the crap out of the one I got from an MBA at Pepperdine and an economics degree from Berkeley. I selected these books because they are the ones that genuinely changed my life.   These books have helped me launch projects, write multiple books, build good habits, and accomplish more than I ever thought possible when I started my journey. They've also made my life far more fulfilling and changed the way I think. If I could only keep 100 books in my collection, these are the ones I'd choose.


  • One good book recommendation can change your life. When my friend Ryan Holiday was in college, someone recommended a book on Stoicism. From that book recommendation, he built a career and published 8 books in 8 years.  

  • With the number of books published every year, figuring out which books are worth your time and which ones aren't can feel overwhelming. Almost every great book you read is usually something someone else recommends to you.  

  • Books give you condensed knowledge. Reading one good book can do more your success than reading 1000 articles on the internet.   I've been fortunate to get many of these books for free because I host a podcast. But, not everyone has that luxury. So, giving away these books is my way of paying it forward.

  Almost all the authors of these books were incredibly generous and agreed to donate a copy of their book as part of the giveaway. The handful that didn't have been dead for 100's of years.

How to Enter

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